Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I was recruited by an organization called DEBSOC(Debating Society) in November 2011. It's an organization in my college concentrating on parliamentary debates - practising for competitions.

I had various reasons to attend the recruitments at that time. I'll try to summarize them for you.

One of the main reasons being I was afraid of stage. Even today when I go on stage my legs shiver. I wanted to take that fear out of me.

The second reason was 'experience'. During my first year in engineering, I did not participate in any of the events, I stayed low. But I wanted to change that. I wanted to join organisations and know how they would function. I believe that learning this would help me in my career if I ever have one.

The other reason that my social life was(is) in reins. I wanted to talk to new people. I wanted to know their social behavior. I wanted to make new friends and participate in social activities.

Now let me tell you how this has turned out. I'm still scared to go on stage. But I now have an understanding that everyone is bound by their own fears which lets them avoid doing something or other. Everyone has inhibitions and that they have to come to terms with it.

By details, I have experienced a lot. I never believed that anyone can improve from what they already have. But for some odd months that I have been in DEBSOC, I've learnt that learning is a continuous process. And you do improve with time. You just need to have a constructive perspective.

Hope I'll be doing better at DEBSOC.

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