Saturday, April 7, 2012


There was a debate recently on the motion that the government should allow the citizens to criticize religions including their own. It was a good motion. But to get points for the argument that could happen, I started to look for analogies. The first thing came to my mind was Music.

Music is a very vast entity. Everyone has their own choice of music which never ever overlaps. I have not seen people ever with exact same playlists on their phones or computers. So we can agree that everyone has different taste in music and people love what they listen to.

When the analogy is applied, I found that one's perception about religion and taste of music are similar. So extending the argument that exists in the world of music to religions, we'll see what happens.

Everyone loves their genre of music. I was recently talking to a friend who is interested in classical music. I didn't have any kind of formal introduction to classical music until now. Thus having no opinion on that kind of music. But as I spoke to my friend, I came to know that classical music has a footprint that I couldn't have of thought of, on my own. I never disliked or hated classical music, but there was nothing to get me to like it either. But now I have some introduction to classical music. And I kinda like it.

This was the same argument laid out in the debate. Once you get into a healthy discussion on whatever you don't like with a person who likes, you can have great insights. The same thing applies to religions. I might not like a religion because of a particular ritual or a custom. But talking about it with a person who has a contradictory opinion can help if you have an open mind.

Coming back to music. I'm a great fan of bollywood music. The only songs that are on my walkman are of bollywood. Music is the one thing in my life that currently helps me continue to live. I tried to analyze why I like what I like. As told before no one's taste of music overlaps. Because I haven't been able to find a person who likes at least most of the songs that I like.

This is how I show my disappointment, by writing an article about it.

May more and more bollywood songs be by Rahman and I hope they'll be as good as ever.

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