Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Theory Of Everything

There is research going on "Theory Of Everything" in physics, which is supposed to explain every possible physical phenomena. I have been working on a theory like this for life. It's been tough. But I believe I've made considerable progress.

Let me write about the things I've worked on. My main motive behind this theory is that this theory would be able to analyze and provide a conventional and non-controversial solution to every possible circumstance that anyone faces in life.

When I started working on this theory, I had to question possibly every conventional way of dealing with a situation that existed. It was a painful process. I could not find the cause for the solution because no one knew why they did what they did. I had to struggle for days to find even a simple solution. After doing it for sometime I lost interest because it was painful and I was distracted by a lot of things.

While recently watching one of my favorite TV Shows "The Big Bang Theory", I heard the characters speaking about "Grand Unified Theory". The name drawn some interest. So I did some research and came to know that something that I had worked on was simultaneously being worked on in the world of physics. I was happy.

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