Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Idealism Vs. Realism

While I write this post, my mind is still in dilemma. Let me start by explaining the title.

Idealism is the concept of believing that the world should behave a certain way, an ideal way. Everything runs smoothly. You don't have to pay bribe to get your driver's license. You don't have to wait while you collect a formal letter from your college. Literally everything runs smoothly. But REAL world is far from this.

Realism is a concept proclaimed by people who enjoy living in a country like India. They enjoy the good parts. Curse the bad ones. And yet they are grateful that they were born here have been raised here. They are able to cope up with the above said imperfections of the society.

This is the point where I'm in dilemma. The tone of the post would proclaim that I'm an idealist. But I've tried very hard not to be one. Because living like that gives you a sense of inferiority complex. You feel you are the only one seeing the negatives happening in the society. But eventually I was beginning to understand it better. I started to become more of realist. But the perfectionist inside me takes me back every time.

But one of the things that prepares you for taking on an imperfect world is the pain it gives you. Through experience, you can achieve great things. It eventually teaches to savor and enjoy the pain. Because if you don't do so, you will be craving for an ideal life till your death.

P.S. I'm very sad that one of the persons I can discuss this topic left after completing his graduation recently.

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