Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Standard Of Living

While I was reading the biography of Steve Jobs, I came to know about an important aspect of his life. He never cared about the money he earned, lost. Money never mattered to him. He only cared about making great products. He didn't bother about making them economical, or to make more profits than the competitors.

I read this and was very astonished that one of the most passionate people I've seen, never cared about an important aspect of life, money. I have been brought up with the feeling that money is something that drives life. Life is nothing without money. But I see a great person who followed his passion and gave world amazing products rather than concentrating on an aspect that everyone considered as important.

I've also read about Mukesh Ambani who built his house "Antilla" for a whopping $ 2 Billion. They built floors for parking. Having theaters at home. I've also read about Shah Rukh Khan, who owns a 100 Crore house "Mannat" in Mumbai. He reconstructed it lavishly.

As I read more and more about people at the top of their professions, their choices are weird. Everyone has a different choice. And the concept that your parents built into your head that one day you will be rich and own a grand house is flawed.

You are groomed to earn money, groomed to own a grand house. The Flawed Concept. No, you are not allowed to follow your heart and do what you want. But you are told that you will have to earn money and live a typical life. This might seem to be a one-sided argument. But it's true.

P.S. There is a similarity between Five Point Someone, Fight Club, Steve Jobs & 3 Idiots.

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