Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've been through this situation so many times. So have you. We are not good at saying good byes. To this day I haven't been able to say good bye to anyone successfully. Every conversation I've had with my friends, neighbours, and even my lecturers had ended awkwardly. Because we don't know how to end conversations well.

This is where the problem lies. I'm currently assuming only two people in conversation because its more difficult than when you are in a group. My trouble has always been that if I try to end the conversation, other person may feel it was abrupt. While the other person is thinking the same, we both know the conversation should end, but out of politeness we linger.

During recent days, most of my phone (almost all) conversations have ended with someone else calling the other person. This particularly shows that I'm not good at ending conversations, which I admitted, so were the persons I conversed with. So I'm making a generalisation here that we cannot end conversations well.

That was the problem. Now lets go to the solution. Since in almost all conversations, both the people know that its time to end, you can put your foot down. You say quits. Because this shows confidence. When end the conversation at the right time, you come as smart and confident & in control which is good.

But there are strings attached to this solution. If you don't end the conversation at appropriate time, the other person might think that you are rude or you don't like them. This will have a bad effect on the future of that relationship. So we need to use the solution carefully.

P.S. One awkward situation at a time.

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