Saturday, September 1, 2012


I watched an ad showing the automatic doors of BMTC buses, I remember watching an old man telling his granddaughter to get inside the bus, because the doors will close. I don't know about other people but as a guy from a middle class household, Ive always dreamt of travelling in city buses as a fancy habit which was only available in big cities. So, whenever I travelled to Bengaluru, travelling in city buses was a big deal.

Recently, City Bus service started in Tumkur. I was very glad because of my fascination with the concept that you'll be travelling in buses the same routes you've travelled otherwise. I often lie that I don't enjoy travel. But I do, immensely. Getting a window seat. Looking at people on the road heading to their workplace, looking at farmfields. 

Not only do the buses in Tumkur are comfortable, they also have GPS. i.e., every stop would be named by a woman. This will help people who are unfamiliar with Tumkur. With this one of my dreams comes true.

I've always liked Tumkur for whatever it is blamed. I'm surrounded by people who despise Tumkur. Who would want the place where they had born be disliked by so many people? I love Tumkur. And I stand by my statement.

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