Friday, October 12, 2012


I remember when I was in 11th class, my physics syllabus included a concept called as frames of reference. It came right after Newton's laws. The concept meant that if you are observing a moving object from a frame which is either at rest or moving at a same velocity, then only the laws hold true.

I was fascinated by this concept from the day I heard it. The very first time it made sense to me was when I was very young. You are writing year-end exams. Your neighbor's exam ends just a day before yours. The last day of your exam, the "same time", "same duration" means fun to your neighbor because exams are over for her. And the "same time" you feel you are walking on fire.

To understand it better, imagine an hour of your time before and after the exams.

Now coming towards my actual point, "perspective" has been a major headline in my mind for a lot of time now. During the last four months, I have opened up to a lot of people, and have gained better understanding of it.

I'm trying to say that, every person sees a situation, circumstance in his own point of view. This is one of most strange things in life. 

Just before writing this, I got some news from one of friends. I scored less marks in one of the subjects I have this semester. He was in shock to tell me that, but I was not. The same situation feels very different to two people. I'm bringing this up because we have a very good mutual understanding. So our feelings are ought to be in sync. But they were not. I've seen that, a lot of people I meet are predictable. But I'm not. This is one of the effects that you face after you go through the worst fear of your life. 

Perspective is one of the bitchin' things of life.
[The article is incomplete. Try to read in-between the lines]

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