Friday, June 28, 2013

Balupu - Review

I've been a fan of Ravi Teja since I watched 'Vikramarkudu'. So, when my friend asked if I want to watch another Ravi Teja movie, I jumped and said yes. And trust me, I'm very happy. 

As always Ravi Teja faithfully does his acting which is gracious to watch. Shruti Hasan and Anjali are adequate. The star of the movie is surely Bramhanandam, who stands out in every scene and makes you laugh continuously. References to Pawan Kalyan and his movie 'Gabbar Singh' are appreciable. Ashutosh Rana does a very good job.

The story moves at a steady pace. The story has been intricately connected such that none of it seems like unbelievable coincidence, which most of the recent movies contain. Witty dialogues increase the humour through out the movie. Some of the action scenes though seem exaggerated but add to the entertainment XP of the movie.

Finally, let's not forget 'Gangnam Style' and the IPL anthem in the climax.

Ravi Teja deserves a lot of credit for this movie. It deserves to be a super hit.

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