Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vasan - II

I went to get my eyes tested again. I had to visit the hospital twice. First day, I saw this girl roaming around the hospital without any badge or uniform. I wondered what she was doing there. When I went the second day, she was roaming again. Then, I saw her going into the "Centre Head" chamber. I thought she may have been an assistant or something. But she sat there and started to do some work.

I started to give curious glances from the beginning. But, once she went into the chamber, I kept a steady watch. When I was finished with my appointment, I was just too curious. So, I entered the chamber and asked "Excuse me for asking this, but aren't you a little young to be a centre head?" I thought she'd say that's none of my business, but people at Vasan are very nice to people. She told me to come in and sit. She told me that she completed her B.Sc and MHA without any gaps. That's why she seemed young at her job. She was from Bihar. She answered some of the queries I had. She let me fill out a feedback form in the chamber and guided me to the place where I could post it.

She was nice. For an introvert and shy person like me, it was a very big step talking to a girl I didn't know, who worked in administration. I hope I open up more to this world and enjoy it better.

P. S. She was cute too.

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