Thursday, December 27, 2012

Movies - Cliche

Am I the only one flabbergasted by this? Weren't movies suppose to provide entertainment? What have they done to our lives? Keep reading.

Be it bollywood or hollywood, have you noticed the pampering that happens with a movie release? I personally have been drawn to this. I read newspaper articles, watch television interviews, spend hours getting to know about the movie, while the movie is just of couple of hours. Is all our effort and time we spend to "know" about the movie worth it?

Now, answering these questions is a bit of a difficult task. I'll try. As a matter of fact, everyone has different perspective what entertainment truly is. The dictionary on my laptop defines it like this "the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment:".

    This leads us to question the whole premise. Is entertainment just limited to movie of couple of hours or does it cover everything that goes around the movie? 

    To truly understand the answer, we may have to understand a little part of marketing. People have vast scarcity of time these days. So, the filmmakers want to advertise and educate the mass about their movie. They grab every opportunity they have. They send actors to tv shows, get the reviews of movies published with preference, etc.....

    That is why we are surrounded by facade of the movie rather than the movie itself. Coming to the consuming part, Along with the scarcity of time, people want to spend their money wisely. They just don't want to watch a movie by seeing its poster outside the theatre. They want to know what other people think of it. They want to know the actors' attitude towards their work in movies. Judge and then select a movie to watch.

    This is good system functioning to ensure better services. But still the ethical question remains, is it all worth just for entertainment?

    P.S. I don't watch movies in theatre. Pardon me if the article doesn't do justice to the subject.  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Twilight - Thoughts

One of my friends regards Twilight as one of the best book series she's read. Whenever I read reviews on shopping or bookclub websites, there have been considerable number of extreme reviews.

To such an extent that the world of book readers can essentially be divided into lovers and haters. Either way they have drastic opinions. I love when people fight over creativity.

But that's not the focus of this article. I see a great marketing strategy behind Twilight books. I don't know whether it was intentional or not, but it has worked wonders.

Two of your friends read the book, one loves it, other hates it. Now you are intrigued. Then you read it. You'll either like it or hate it in accordance with your tastes. And then you become part of the chain reaction. This way the number of readers increases at a mind blowing rate.

Personally I love Twilight.

P.S. Dont judge me. I like Millenium trilogy as well.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Competition Hinders Free-Learning

I've pondering to write about this topic for a while now. What can I say? the title says it all. To yet grasp the vastness and importance of this topic, we will have to consider the spirit of life.

Learning is a basic and essential aspect of life. Learning is one of the most important things that keeps life interesting. Let's bring competition into this now. I'll make a lot of assumptions now. I believe that competition was introduced as a means of promoting better learning. Competition lies in human instinct and when you are asked to compete with fellow beings, you are supposed and you will fare well.

But these days, competition is not just means of promoting learning, it is the act of judging. You are given or not given certain privileges of life because your competition did better than you. I'll have to jump into a case study to explain my perspective better.

The college I study in introduced a "continuous" system of learning some four years ago. It includes quizzes given without any prior announcement. This directly leads to a student fearing everyday that he might have to write a quiz. The student who was supposed to come happily to college that he would learn something new that day now comes in fear that he may have to write a quiz.

Im being a bit too cynical. The college's explanation for this I presume is that the student will listen to very lecture carefully because he has to write the quiz. The fact which college takes lightly here is that the student will live in enormous amount of pressure to do well in those quizzes so much so as to hamper his basic learning process.

Learning was supposed to be fun. It was never supposed to be a burden. But we now live in a globalised competitive world where excelling is not just sufficient but necessary. Even though I subscribe to the principle of "Survival Of The Fittest", there is a point beyond which it inflicts fundamental well-being of people. This isn't the way the civilisation should progress.

I hope the younger generation which goes through this process understands the consequences and asks for a better education system for successive generations.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I remember when I was in 11th class, my physics syllabus included a concept called as frames of reference. It came right after Newton's laws. The concept meant that if you are observing a moving object from a frame which is either at rest or moving at a same velocity, then only the laws hold true.

I was fascinated by this concept from the day I heard it. The very first time it made sense to me was when I was very young. You are writing year-end exams. Your neighbor's exam ends just a day before yours. The last day of your exam, the "same time", "same duration" means fun to your neighbor because exams are over for her. And the "same time" you feel you are walking on fire.

To understand it better, imagine an hour of your time before and after the exams.

Now coming towards my actual point, "perspective" has been a major headline in my mind for a lot of time now. During the last four months, I have opened up to a lot of people, and have gained better understanding of it.

I'm trying to say that, every person sees a situation, circumstance in his own point of view. This is one of most strange things in life. 

Just before writing this, I got some news from one of friends. I scored less marks in one of the subjects I have this semester. He was in shock to tell me that, but I was not. The same situation feels very different to two people. I'm bringing this up because we have a very good mutual understanding. So our feelings are ought to be in sync. But they were not. I've seen that, a lot of people I meet are predictable. But I'm not. This is one of the effects that you face after you go through the worst fear of your life. 

Perspective is one of the bitchin' things of life.
[The article is incomplete. Try to read in-between the lines]

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I watched an ad showing the automatic doors of BMTC buses, I remember watching an old man telling his granddaughter to get inside the bus, because the doors will close. I don't know about other people but as a guy from a middle class household, Ive always dreamt of travelling in city buses as a fancy habit which was only available in big cities. So, whenever I travelled to Bengaluru, travelling in city buses was a big deal.

Recently, City Bus service started in Tumkur. I was very glad because of my fascination with the concept that you'll be travelling in buses the same routes you've travelled otherwise. I often lie that I don't enjoy travel. But I do, immensely. Getting a window seat. Looking at people on the road heading to their workplace, looking at farmfields. 

Not only do the buses in Tumkur are comfortable, they also have GPS. i.e., every stop would be named by a woman. This will help people who are unfamiliar with Tumkur. With this one of my dreams comes true.

I've always liked Tumkur for whatever it is blamed. I'm surrounded by people who despise Tumkur. Who would want the place where they had born be disliked by so many people? I love Tumkur. And I stand by my statement.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've been through this situation so many times. So have you. We are not good at saying good byes. To this day I haven't been able to say good bye to anyone successfully. Every conversation I've had with my friends, neighbours, and even my lecturers had ended awkwardly. Because we don't know how to end conversations well.

This is where the problem lies. I'm currently assuming only two people in conversation because its more difficult than when you are in a group. My trouble has always been that if I try to end the conversation, other person may feel it was abrupt. While the other person is thinking the same, we both know the conversation should end, but out of politeness we linger.

During recent days, most of my phone (almost all) conversations have ended with someone else calling the other person. This particularly shows that I'm not good at ending conversations, which I admitted, so were the persons I conversed with. So I'm making a generalisation here that we cannot end conversations well.

That was the problem. Now lets go to the solution. Since in almost all conversations, both the people know that its time to end, you can put your foot down. You say quits. Because this shows confidence. When end the conversation at the right time, you come as smart and confident & in control which is good.

But there are strings attached to this solution. If you don't end the conversation at appropriate time, the other person might think that you are rude or you don't like them. This will have a bad effect on the future of that relationship. So we need to use the solution carefully.

P.S. One awkward situation at a time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


There is a scene in Love Aaj Kal, Saif Ali Khan and Rishi Kapoor discuss about the options. There were no options in the yester-years and now there are excess of them. I would like to discuss those excess, because I'm living now and not in those yester-years. 

First let us understand what options are? You are in your college hostel. You wake up. You have to go to college for lectures of four hours. After that, you have lunch. And then you have to sit through another two hours of lecture. After that you go to your hostel back and take a nap.

This is straight forward (boring) life for many people. This life doesn't have options. I'll tell you about the life with options. You are probably enjoying the holidays right now. You wake up. You don't know what to do. You have a lot of options. Go to a friend's house. Join a class. Watch movies. Read Books. Yes, you have a lot of options. 

If you are a procrastinator like me, you'll spend a quarter of the day deciding what to do. And with that if you are perfectionist, you'll be sad for the rest of the day that you wasted quarter of it for knowing what to do. This was a lame example. I'll give you a real one.

My watch was four years old. So I decided to buy a new one. Where to buy? Yes, you have a lot of options. The new showroom near your house. A nearby big city like Bengaluru. Online. Yes, after you've scanned in your mind through these options, you have the brands that you prefer. You cross check the brand with the place you selected to buy. After the brand, their come the models, so many of them to choose from. 

This is a life with options. And I just gave you an ordinary example of watch. Think of the options you have for innumerable number of activities you do everyday.

Even with all these, our lives continue to grow. Our activities increase, so do the options. But we still live with it. Our brain is no less than a SuperComputer. So, feel a little satisfied about yourselves.

P.S. I'm looking to buy shoes and Clothes. Does anyone know a good place?

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I hate the disorderliness that holidays bring to our lives. During college, you have a normal schedule that you follow everyday. You wake up at a definite time. The things you have to do are already planned. Life seems a lot easier. As during the holidays, you wake up at a different time everyday, you don't know what to do with your time. You procrastinate to a point that you want to kill yourself.

Let's discuss the fun part about holidays. You don't have to worry about the next lab to write the record. You don't have to sit through hours of lectures which make you try to kill yourself also. You don't have to worry about assignments. You can go wherever you want. For people staying in hostel, they feel like a torch of freedom have been handed.

It hasn't been even ten days into the holidays, I've already started to feel the inevitable ugly side of life. i.e., you don't have anything to do. This is virtual prison. Irony is, the stress we feel while keeping up with the schedules of our colleges is a lot less painful than the emptiness of life you experience during holidays.

For a perfectionist like me, the dissatisfaction is magnified. You are not excited about anything. You sleep, wake up aimlessly. I hope everyone's not experiencing the same thing. I hope they have been enjoying the holidays meeting cousins, playing sports, learning creative arts.

P.S. I'm happy that I have a blog to write all of this.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Standard Of Living

While I was reading the biography of Steve Jobs, I came to know about an important aspect of his life. He never cared about the money he earned, lost. Money never mattered to him. He only cared about making great products. He didn't bother about making them economical, or to make more profits than the competitors.

I read this and was very astonished that one of the most passionate people I've seen, never cared about an important aspect of life, money. I have been brought up with the feeling that money is something that drives life. Life is nothing without money. But I see a great person who followed his passion and gave world amazing products rather than concentrating on an aspect that everyone considered as important.

I've also read about Mukesh Ambani who built his house "Antilla" for a whopping $ 2 Billion. They built floors for parking. Having theaters at home. I've also read about Shah Rukh Khan, who owns a 100 Crore house "Mannat" in Mumbai. He reconstructed it lavishly.

As I read more and more about people at the top of their professions, their choices are weird. Everyone has a different choice. And the concept that your parents built into your head that one day you will be rich and own a grand house is flawed.

You are groomed to earn money, groomed to own a grand house. The Flawed Concept. No, you are not allowed to follow your heart and do what you want. But you are told that you will have to earn money and live a typical life. This might seem to be a one-sided argument. But it's true.

P.S. There is a similarity between Five Point Someone, Fight Club, Steve Jobs & 3 Idiots.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Idealism Vs. Realism

While I write this post, my mind is still in dilemma. Let me start by explaining the title.

Idealism is the concept of believing that the world should behave a certain way, an ideal way. Everything runs smoothly. You don't have to pay bribe to get your driver's license. You don't have to wait while you collect a formal letter from your college. Literally everything runs smoothly. But REAL world is far from this.

Realism is a concept proclaimed by people who enjoy living in a country like India. They enjoy the good parts. Curse the bad ones. And yet they are grateful that they were born here have been raised here. They are able to cope up with the above said imperfections of the society.

This is the point where I'm in dilemma. The tone of the post would proclaim that I'm an idealist. But I've tried very hard not to be one. Because living like that gives you a sense of inferiority complex. You feel you are the only one seeing the negatives happening in the society. But eventually I was beginning to understand it better. I started to become more of realist. But the perfectionist inside me takes me back every time.

But one of the things that prepares you for taking on an imperfect world is the pain it gives you. Through experience, you can achieve great things. It eventually teaches to savor and enjoy the pain. Because if you don't do so, you will be craving for an ideal life till your death.

P.S. I'm very sad that one of the persons I can discuss this topic left after completing his graduation recently.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


I had to attend an interview as part of a Test Series named QTS in my college. I had attended a similar interview before for Pathfinder's XCEED event which is relatively same. The two guys who took my interview screwed me. They made me feel I'm not good enough to be recruited for a company.

But the interview during the XCEED event went very well. It was more like a conversation than an interview

Let me give an overview of both the interviews.

The interview started off with a very good note. I was able to strike up a chord with the interviewer. So he stopped asking questions and started to converse with me because I had gone through the same dilemma that he had when he was in II year of Engineering. We had a long discussion on career options and how people end up doing not what they like. He told me that a lot of people realize what they want after being into their work for an year or so. I told him that I wanted to make a very well informed decision. So I'll to all of these guys who are in the careers that I like and think over it. He advised me that it was the best idea to solve the problems regarding choosing a career and gave me his e-mail address for further communication.

The first question was tell me about yourself. This is the most hated question of any interview. I'm actually thinking of doing some research to gather information about me and then practicing to say it in front of others. They complained about my body language too. They tried make me feel miserable. Nad a lot of other details.

All in all, my advice is that if possible, attend both the events. They'll let you understand the gravity of a personal interview. And don't feel judged because what happens during your interview only involves 50% of you. The rest 50% will be luck. Because you might not be as good as you think.........

Monday, May 7, 2012

Life is overrated...

There will always be one of those moments when one of the characteristic principle your life was based on will be broken to pieces by someone superior to you. The shock and the pain you go through when this happens is immense and frankly overwhelming.

I had one of these moments recently. And trust me I haven't been able to recover from it.

The readers of my blog are very less in number, so I will not hesitate to post my personal details. (NO OFFENSE)

I'm awfully scared of talking to girls. This is because I'm a perfectionist. Every single word that comes out of my mouth is thought upon and scrutinized to such an extent that I'm barely able to speak to them.

With this prerequisite, I will tell you about the moment that shattered my world. If you have read previous articles you'll know that I'm bad at speaking on stage. This is where I was wrong. It's not just that I'm scared, I'm arrogant as hell on stage. This came as a kick in the butt to my already depressed mind-state. What's even worse is that I'm not just arrogant on stage, I'm arrogant even when talking to people. This came as a immense blow to my mind that I haven't been able to talk to my parents lately.

I always thought I was the humble and the charismatic person that people would love to talk to. Because the people I've had conversations with have always seemed happy. I bet I made a huge fool out of myself now.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Theory Of Everything

There is research going on "Theory Of Everything" in physics, which is supposed to explain every possible physical phenomena. I have been working on a theory like this for life. It's been tough. But I believe I've made considerable progress.

Let me write about the things I've worked on. My main motive behind this theory is that this theory would be able to analyze and provide a conventional and non-controversial solution to every possible circumstance that anyone faces in life.

When I started working on this theory, I had to question possibly every conventional way of dealing with a situation that existed. It was a painful process. I could not find the cause for the solution because no one knew why they did what they did. I had to struggle for days to find even a simple solution. After doing it for sometime I lost interest because it was painful and I was distracted by a lot of things.

While recently watching one of my favorite TV Shows "The Big Bang Theory", I heard the characters speaking about "Grand Unified Theory". The name drawn some interest. So I did some research and came to know that something that I had worked on was simultaneously being worked on in the world of physics. I was happy.

Drop a comment if you had some similar thoughts...

Saturday, April 7, 2012


There was a debate recently on the motion that the government should allow the citizens to criticize religions including their own. It was a good motion. But to get points for the argument that could happen, I started to look for analogies. The first thing came to my mind was Music.

Music is a very vast entity. Everyone has their own choice of music which never ever overlaps. I have not seen people ever with exact same playlists on their phones or computers. So we can agree that everyone has different taste in music and people love what they listen to.

When the analogy is applied, I found that one's perception about religion and taste of music are similar. So extending the argument that exists in the world of music to religions, we'll see what happens.

Everyone loves their genre of music. I was recently talking to a friend who is interested in classical music. I didn't have any kind of formal introduction to classical music until now. Thus having no opinion on that kind of music. But as I spoke to my friend, I came to know that classical music has a footprint that I couldn't have of thought of, on my own. I never disliked or hated classical music, but there was nothing to get me to like it either. But now I have some introduction to classical music. And I kinda like it.

This was the same argument laid out in the debate. Once you get into a healthy discussion on whatever you don't like with a person who likes, you can have great insights. The same thing applies to religions. I might not like a religion because of a particular ritual or a custom. But talking about it with a person who has a contradictory opinion can help if you have an open mind.

Coming back to music. I'm a great fan of bollywood music. The only songs that are on my walkman are of bollywood. Music is the one thing in my life that currently helps me continue to live. I tried to analyze why I like what I like. As told before no one's taste of music overlaps. Because I haven't been able to find a person who likes at least most of the songs that I like.

This is how I show my disappointment, by writing an article about it.

May more and more bollywood songs be by Rahman and I hope they'll be as good as ever.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I was recruited by an organization called DEBSOC(Debating Society) in November 2011. It's an organization in my college concentrating on parliamentary debates - practising for competitions.

I had various reasons to attend the recruitments at that time. I'll try to summarize them for you.

One of the main reasons being I was afraid of stage. Even today when I go on stage my legs shiver. I wanted to take that fear out of me.

The second reason was 'experience'. During my first year in engineering, I did not participate in any of the events, I stayed low. But I wanted to change that. I wanted to join organisations and know how they would function. I believe that learning this would help me in my career if I ever have one.

The other reason that my social life was(is) in reins. I wanted to talk to new people. I wanted to know their social behavior. I wanted to make new friends and participate in social activities.

Now let me tell you how this has turned out. I'm still scared to go on stage. But I now have an understanding that everyone is bound by their own fears which lets them avoid doing something or other. Everyone has inhibitions and that they have to come to terms with it.

By details, I have experienced a lot. I never believed that anyone can improve from what they already have. But for some odd months that I have been in DEBSOC, I've learnt that learning is a continuous process. And you do improve with time. You just need to have a constructive perspective.

Hope I'll be doing better at DEBSOC.

Friday, March 23, 2012

MY LIFE for now

i've been waiting to write this for a long time now. "The only thing constant in life is change." I heard this at one of the events in my college. It made sense to me the very second I heard it. But its making more sense with every passing day. Recently, one of the long desires of my life was fulfilled. I bought a laptop and a good one. My expectations of it were very high. And it fulfilled all of things it was asked to decently. But I still find a big hole in my life, which at this time cannot be fulfilled by anything. Why I'm talking about laptop?????? It's been in my dreams for over four years that I'll buy one. Now that I have, the expectation that I had that something very huge in magnitude will change in my life. But it didn't. So I still have a hole in my life which will not be filled for now.......