Saturday, May 12, 2012


I had to attend an interview as part of a Test Series named QTS in my college. I had attended a similar interview before for Pathfinder's XCEED event which is relatively same. The two guys who took my interview screwed me. They made me feel I'm not good enough to be recruited for a company.

But the interview during the XCEED event went very well. It was more like a conversation than an interview

Let me give an overview of both the interviews.

The interview started off with a very good note. I was able to strike up a chord with the interviewer. So he stopped asking questions and started to converse with me because I had gone through the same dilemma that he had when he was in II year of Engineering. We had a long discussion on career options and how people end up doing not what they like. He told me that a lot of people realize what they want after being into their work for an year or so. I told him that I wanted to make a very well informed decision. So I'll to all of these guys who are in the careers that I like and think over it. He advised me that it was the best idea to solve the problems regarding choosing a career and gave me his e-mail address for further communication.

The first question was tell me about yourself. This is the most hated question of any interview. I'm actually thinking of doing some research to gather information about me and then practicing to say it in front of others. They complained about my body language too. They tried make me feel miserable. Nad a lot of other details.

All in all, my advice is that if possible, attend both the events. They'll let you understand the gravity of a personal interview. And don't feel judged because what happens during your interview only involves 50% of you. The rest 50% will be luck. Because you might not be as good as you think.........

Monday, May 7, 2012

Life is overrated...

There will always be one of those moments when one of the characteristic principle your life was based on will be broken to pieces by someone superior to you. The shock and the pain you go through when this happens is immense and frankly overwhelming.

I had one of these moments recently. And trust me I haven't been able to recover from it.

The readers of my blog are very less in number, so I will not hesitate to post my personal details. (NO OFFENSE)

I'm awfully scared of talking to girls. This is because I'm a perfectionist. Every single word that comes out of my mouth is thought upon and scrutinized to such an extent that I'm barely able to speak to them.

With this prerequisite, I will tell you about the moment that shattered my world. If you have read previous articles you'll know that I'm bad at speaking on stage. This is where I was wrong. It's not just that I'm scared, I'm arrogant as hell on stage. This came as a kick in the butt to my already depressed mind-state. What's even worse is that I'm not just arrogant on stage, I'm arrogant even when talking to people. This came as a immense blow to my mind that I haven't been able to talk to my parents lately.

I always thought I was the humble and the charismatic person that people would love to talk to. Because the people I've had conversations with have always seemed happy. I bet I made a huge fool out of myself now.